Sungkai & Sahur Spreads This Ramadhan: Promotions in 2011/1432

Today I saw a spike in my blog stats. I was wondering why until my friend asked me, “Babe, ur blog no hap dis year’s ramadhan sungkai promos?”. I forgot! So here it is! As usual, since it’s the start of Ramadhan, the list is pretty bare still. Andddd:

This list is a result of information I aggregated from various sources online, newspapers, ads, from word of mouth and from recommendations through emails and blog comments.

Despite so, it’s still always not so complete. I always need your help in compling this list.


  • If you see any missing, or;
  • If you own a restaurant;
  • If you know someone who owns a restaurant;

Do your bit in helping out the eternally indecisive and hungry community by leaving a comment, or drop me an email at or simply use my contact form here.

I welcome KB, Tutong & Temburong restaurants in the list as well :)

This list is free to use (because, well, it’s free to make haha) but please do not copy and paste it without linking it back here!

Enjoy your first sip of water today! :)

Letter A for Apples

Airport Restaurant

International Ramadhan Buffet Dinner @ $30.00 (Adult) & $16.00 (Child)

Call 2339207/2331853

Note: Baiduri Cardmembers are entitled to Special Discounts during the promotion period (20% for Infinite & Platinum, 15% for Gold and 10% for Classic & Debit)

Aranda Restaurant, D’Anggerek Service Apartments

Sungkai Buffet @ $13.90 (Adult) & $7.90 (Child)

Call 2337129/2345222 ext 815

Atrium Cafe , The Empire Hotel & Country Club

Sungkai Buffet @ $28 (adult) & $14 (child).

Call 241 7700

Au Lait Cafe

Sungkai at Au Lait @ $15.90 (adult) &$9.90 (child)

Call 223 1901

Axtivo Cafe

Ramadhan Special @ $9.90

Call 2335642

Letter B for Bananas

Big Papa’s Restaurant

Sungkai Buffet @ $8 (adult) & $5 (child)

Call 2233333 or 2236132

Blue Eden Cafe

Sungkai Buffet @ $9.90 (adult) & $5.90 (child)

Call 2239476 or 8750055

Bombay Palace Restaurant & Catering

Sungkai Buffet @ $13.90 (Adults) & $9.90 (Child)

Call 2427313

Buffalo Steak House

Sungkai Buffet @ $16.90 (adult) and $8.90 (child)

Call 2426769

Letter C for Carrots

Cabana (Next to Casbah London Kebabs in Lambak)

Puasa Combo Deal of 2 Dishes for $7

Call 8723809 or 7104933

Capers Cafe & Restaurant

Sungkai Buffet @ $14.80 (adult), $7.50 (child)

Call 2238996

Ceri Cafe

Sungkai Buffet @ $9.90 (Adult) & $6.90 (Child)

Call 2339997

Charcoal BBQ & Grill

Skewer Buffet @ $34.90 (adult), $1 per year for children below 12

Call 2221171

Cheezbox Cafe & Restaurant

Sungkai Buffet @ $22.90 (Adults) & $13.90 (Child)

Call 2425506/7

*Please read 2009′s sungkai review available here.

Choices, The Brunei Hotel

Sungkai Buffet @ $16.80 (Adult) & $8.40 (Child)

Call 2244828

Coffee Zone

Sungkai Buffet @ $9.90 (Adult) & $5.50 (Child)

Call 2239333 (Kiulap), 2423333 (Gadong)

Letter D for Doughnuts

Deli Bites Cafe

Scrumptious Sungkai Buffet @ $13.90 (adult)  & $6.90 (child)

15% discount off on ala carte menu.

*Special menu set at $8.

Call 2221481/2228070 ext. 53 & 16

Dynasty Restaurant

Sahur Buffet Dim Sum (11pm-1.30am) @ $20.80 (Adult) & $15.80 (Child)

Call 2430185/6

Note: Baiduri Cardmembers are entitled to Special Discounts during the promotion period (20% for Infinite & Platinum, 15% for Gold and 10% for Classic & Debit)

Letter E for Eggs

Excapade Sushi (Gadong) NEW

Sungkai Buffet @ $28.80 (Adult) & $18.80 (Child)

Call 2443012/8740012

*Read all about it here.

Express Fast Food

Talapia served with rice & condiments @ $7 per set

Call 2337777

Letter F for Fortune Cookies

Fratini’s Restaurant

50% off on all Pizzas & pastas

Call 2231467/2232555 (Yayasan),  2451200/2451300 (Centrepoint), 2334520/2334530 (Piccolo), 3335050 (KB) or 3221055 (Seria)

Fun Wok Hong Kong Restaurant

Sungkai Buffet @ $18.80 (Adult) & $10.80 (Child)

Call 2232397

Letter G for Green Beans

Goldiana Cafe & Lounge, Orchid Garden Hotel

Sungkai Buffet @ $23.00 (adult) & $12.90 (child)

Sahur Buffet @ $18.80 (adult) & $10.80 (child)

Call 2335544 ext. 5

* Read review from 2009 available here.

Grazie Mauri

All you can eat buffet @ $13.90 (Adult)

Call  2447471 

Letter I for Icecream

I-Lotus Restaurant

Sungkai Buffet @ $18.80 (adult) & $12.80 (child)

Sahur Steamboat Buffet & Hot Plate Grill Buffet @ $12.80 (adult) & $8.80 (child)

Call 2422466

*Review from 2009 is available here.

Letter K for Kiwi

Kitaro Japanese Restaurant

All-You-Can-Eat Menu @ $26.80 per person

Call 2457373

KNY Kitchen

Sungkai promotion @ 25% discount from all ala carte menu

Call 2450828

Letter L for Limes

Lee Loi Fatt (Gadong)

Sungkai Buffet @ $7.90 (Adult) & $3.90 (Child)

Call 2236432 (Kiulap number)

Letter M for Marshmallows

Manjaro Restaurant

All you can eat treats @ $13.80 (adult) & $6.90 (child)

Call 223 6493

Millenium Restaurant

Sungkai Buffet @ $22.00 (Adult) & $11.00 (Child)

Call 2424168

Mills Banquet Hall, Holiday Lodge Hotel

Sungkai Buffet @ $18.00 (adult) $8.00 (child)

Call 2611618

Mojaya Restaurant (opposite Hua Ho Manggis)

Sungkai Buffet @ $6.50 (adult), $3.00 (child)

Call 2342940

Muwaffaq Cafe & Restaurant, KB

Sungkai Buffet @ $4.90 (adult) & $3.00 (child)

Call 3227061

Letter N for Nuts

Nur Wanita Restaurant

Sungkai Buffet @ $18.00 (adult), $12.00 (child).

Call 2426789

Nyonya Restaurant

Yayasan, Serusop & Gadong: Sungkai Buffet @ $13.80 & $8.80 (child)

Call 2447090

Letter P for Pasta

Pastamania NEW

Ramadhan Combomeals

Set Meal A @ $9.90 & Set Meal B @ $12.90

Call 2338000 (Times Square) 2457441 (Gadong) 2671977 (Tanjung Bunut)

Pizza Hut

50% discount off on selected appetizers and any pasta perfetto with the purchase of ala-carte large pizza.

Call 2226111

Pondok Sari Wangi

Sungkai Buffet @ $12 (adult), $6 (child).

Call 2445043 (Gadong), 2661893 (Sengkurong)

Poolside Cafe (formerly Amigos Restaurant)

Ramadhan Buffet @ $16 (Adult) & $8 (Child)

Call 2334189/2334197

Note: Baiduri Cardmembers are entitled to Special Discounts during the promotion period (20% for Infinite & Platinum, 15% for Gold and 10% for Classic & Debit)

Prego Mauri 

All You Can Eat Buffet @ $20 (Adult)

Call 3347144 

Letter R for Radishes

Rangmahal Restaurant

Sungkai Buffet @$7.50 (adult) & $4.50 (child)

Call 2227379

RBA Golf Club Restaurant

Sungkai Buffet @ $9.90 (adult) & $6.00 (child)

Complimentary basket of dim sum

Call 8985642

Red Canopy

Sungkai Buffet @ $9.00 (Adult) & $5.00 (Child)

Call 718 4878

Rizqun Coffee House

Sungkai Ramadhan @ $23.00 (Adult) & $11.50 (Child)

Call 2423000 ext 7811

Letter S for Strawberries

Saffron Cafe

Buffet Ramadhan @ $25.00 (Adult) & $13.00 (Child)

Dessert Only Buffet @ $12.00

Call 2235888

Seasons Restaurant

Ramadhan Buffet Dinner @ $30 (Adult) & $16 (Child)

Call 2422291/2/3

Note: Baiduri Cardmembers are entitled to Special Discounts during the promotion period (20% for Infinite & Platinum, 15% for Gold and 10% for Classic & Debit)

Secret Recipe

30% off on all dishes

All set meals come with dates, bandung and your choice of cream cake.

Call 2336556 (Serusop Branch) or 2457123 (Mall Branch)

Serikandi Kiulap

Ramadhan Buffet Dinner @ $12.00 (adult) & $5.90 (child)

Call 2460432 or 8857458

Soto Rindu Giant

Sungkai Buffet @ $7 (adult) $5 (child)

Call 879 0579

Soto Rindu Sengkurong

Sungkai Buffet @ $6 (adult) $4 (child)

Call 267 1040 

Stadium Restaurant

Sungkai Buffet @ $12.80 (Adult) &  $6.80 (Child)

Call 2382857

Swensen’s Cafe & Restaurant

Sungkai Buffet @ $15.00 (adult), $12.00 (child)

Call 2451864

Letter T for Tomatoes

Tarindak d’Polo Restaurant

Sungkai Buffet @ $22 (adult), $11 (child).

Call 2612500

Tasek Brasserie, Radisson Hotel.

Ramadhan Feast @ $23.00 (adult) & $1 per year (child)

Call 2244272

Note: For every 10 paying adults in a single receipt, the 11th guest gets to dine free.

Tomato Cafe NEW

Sungkai Buffet @ $8.90 (adult) & $5.50 (child)

Call 2232883

TT Blues Cafe

Sungkai Buffet @ $9.90 (Adult) & $4.90 (Child)

Call 242 4527

Twelv Bistro , The Palm

Sungkai Buffet @ $24.00 (adult) & $10.00 (child)

Call 2233323

Letter V for Vanilla Extract

Vanda Restaurant, Orchid Garden Hotel

Weekend Sahur Dim Sum & Steamboat @ $18.80 (adult) & $10.80 (child)

Call 2335544 ext. 8023

Villa Mauri

All you can eat buffet @ $20 (plus 10% service charge)

Call 2335585

Letter W for Waffles

Wywy Restaurant

Sungkai Buffet @ $5.90 (Adult) & $3.90 (Child)

Sungkai promotion of up to 40% discount on selected food items

Call 2660196 (Sengkurong), 2652557 (Bengkurong), 3335140 (KB), 3224717 (Seria), 2334301 (Lambak) 0r 4220277 (Tutong)


Also for your info, there is another list here as well made by Foodhungry.

For reference (kepo) purposes, 2010 list is available here, 2009 list is available here, and 2008 list is available here.

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