Something Blue

Dont know if you follow my Pinterest but if you do you may know that today I become a wife.

Boipren is officially husband.


Ok so I can now finally publish blogposts about my wedding and wedding preparations which I have been DYING TO BLOG ABOUT!

Haha it’s to maintain some element of surprise la. So, surprise!

Maurina’s Wedding Planning series is divided into a few posts and I’ve scheduled them to be published every few hours over next few days. ;)


I love WordPress!

Checking out this new update on the WordPress app for iOS.


I am in love and I’m posting this from my phone!!!

Thank you WordPress!!! I think I’d be blogging more now. LOVES!!!

Oh btw I’ve stopped that whole crossposting from Instagram to blog to Twitter, so distracting! So it’s gone now haha.

BTW happy holidays!!!! Enjoy the snow!!!


And oh congratulations and best wishes to travel partner Nonnie!!! All grown up and MARRIED! 😍