4 Years Down The Road: BSB Masterplan

In 2010, I heard about the BSB Masterplan.

Then, I was very excited to see the BSB Masterplan video.

The most interesting bit for me was: Finally! Proper and convenient public transport system!

Well, it turns out, that a beautiful city comes with more than material costs.

Today is probably the last time I’ll ever visit Tua’s house in Kg Sungai Kedayan, quoted in the video as the “Kedayan River Corridor”. She is an 80 year old woman living with her husband, and is part of a relocation programme, for the BSB Masterplan. Their house will be demolished and replaced with a waterfront area.

Today, her house, and 2 others were the only 3 standing. Floating wooden planks from old houses lined the shores of the river. The authorities have already cut off all phone lines, and eventually, all facilities will be cut off. They were offered a modest house in the Katok Housing Scheme, as replacement but relocation is something very difficult, I imagine, for an 80 year old couple.

They will have to move their things, collected over the years, and witness all their memories torn down. Their support, though very hesitant, on the matter of development is extremely courageous.

Another thing that grips me is, what is the development on the BSB Masterplan? The communication on this in my opinion, has been pretty appalling. It does look as if the Masterplan sort of stalled. No budget? Or budget focused on housing schemes? Or project sidetracked by implementation of Syariah law? There seem to be no more discussions, or any White Papers to do with the Masterplan? What about stuff like, irrigation/flood control? Or the garbage problem? Disaster management? Food security? Housing? What are the milestones? What’s next?

One of those days

It is one of those days when I’ve made up my mind that I’d blog more often. Ever had one of those? So yes here I am.

So today I’ve just done a sungkai food tasting/sampling (cause it’s definitely not a review) for Freshco – who chose to do a sungkai buffet in their function hall. Oh boy, let me just say, that is definitely a buffet of epic proportions!

There was sushi, roast duck, Beijing duck, pastas, dim sum, and so much more, followed by free flow if Auntie Anne’s pretzels. Seriously! Food quality was not bad – for $29.80 per person.

I’m just thinking how as a nation, we sure love our food! And we love to eat out! I dunno if any of you remember last time there was a period where a lot of Bruneians really was not very keen on eating out in restaurants. People were very hesitant to dine out, cause of MSG, halal/haram issues, hygiene, expensive and so many things! 

Anyway don’t think issues above were particularly resolved, but somehow, people now dine out much more often than they used to, and that’s cool! 

Just cakap kosong this time. Follow me on Instagram to check out photos of our Food Tastings/Food Samplings during this Ramadhan.

Hope to blog more especially on my last few trips:

  • Honeymoon in Phuket (March 2013)
  • Solo in Johor (October 2013)
  • A Visit to Kuala Lumpur (October 2013)
  • Holiday in Bali (October 2013)
  • Trip to Paradise of Maldives (January 2014)
  • Back to Bangkok (March 2014)
  • Manila with a Husband (May 2014)
  • Manila with Bestfriends (June 2014)

So much backlog! Haha. Ciao for now! 

Maurina & Hazidiee’s Wedding 3.3.13

Ok so I haven’t really blogged about only THE most important happening in my life – my wedding. So as you know, I finally got hitched with my favourite person in the world back in March. I guess I’ve blogged about some of the few things I did for the preparations. Nothing major haha.

We kept as much tradition as we could, but as I’m from Tutong, we didn’t really have a million functions or traditions to follow. So was able to keep it quite minimal.

(All photos taken from Wedding Party app)


Ok technically this is not an engagement ceremony per se. It’s basically his family came over to my house to ask formally for my hand in marriage and also so my family can communicate to them our “demands” (highly orchestrated – since we started planning the wedding since March 2012 haha).

But it’s nice to have a party at the house and see my cousins. Essentially this is my mum’s gig – she ran the show. We prepared food, doorgifts, and I dressed up too.

Doorgifts are my Mum’s homemade manisan made with love. Hehe.

Served food, catered by my sister’s sister in law’s friend. LOL. Information given to me was quite vague. But the food was excellent and they even covered our table. Haha.

While they were preparing downstairs, I was busy camwhoring upstairs. Wore a Cotton On Chiffon Blouse with some shoulder studs and a silver skirt I made during previous hari raya. Also wore my late grandmother’s silver belt and my hair up in a bun like how she used to do.

Also, wore a pair of Pearl Studs, which GD bought for me long time ago when we both started dating. <3

Worth mentioning that my late grandmother was a very tiny woman so sometimes when I’m sitting down I cannot breathe haha.

Believe it or not this is my ONLY full length photo.

So his family came:

Discussed me for 5 minutes and the demands (permintaan). The rest of the time I think they were discussing stuff like how they know each other…… I’m not really sure.

So the permintaan are as below:

SO this is why I say it’s not really an engagement per se. Cause these demands haven’t been fulfilled. Haha. So they will be delivered on my Nikah. So I was engaged for like…20 minutes. Haha.

When it was all done, Waseem decides to be a baby.

NIKAH 1.3.13

The Nikah is what II would describe as as a flurry of activities. We did it at Masjid Al Ameerah Al Hajjah Maryam, Jerudong Park. This event is hosted by GD’s family.

Here is the to-do list.

  1. I had to get ready at home, do my makeup and look pretty.
  2. Guests go directly to the venue. Most of my family will be there as well, to welcome guests.
  3. My sister who is in charge of the hantarans, have to be there early, so she can arrange and coordinate.
  4. I’m supposed to follow my dad and wait in the car until such time I am summoned.
  5. Will then wait in the small room where women pray.

Here we are camwhoring in the car. Ok maybe just me.

Obligatory hand bouquet shot. Made by yours truly. This is while waiting at the small prayer room.

In the mean time, the entourage outside discussed my hantarans.

Here they are:

Then when all is well, and accounted for, the men came in and asked Dad and me to sign documents.

Then they went out and I was summoned outside to the big hall to sit on the most uncomfortable cushion in the world.

After about 30 minutes, the wedding vows starts. Here is GD in his big shining moment. And there I was, cannot feel my legs. Or butt.

After akad nikah, yeayyyyy. We’re married! He can touch my forehead!!! Haha.

Also I can finally wear my BEAUTIFUL RINGS!!!!!!!

Then it was photo session time and then hurried home cause… I need to be scrubbed, again, by the Pengangun.

I really love the Masjid Jerudong venue plus lots of beautiful foliage outside to make beautiful photos. Plus they have chairs and tables for borrowing and no tents needed!


Reception or my Bersanding is done at a non-conventional venue. Growing up in Danau, I was always surrounded by beaches and trees. So I am really crazy about beaches and the thought of doing a wedding in a big stuffy hall makes me feel suffocated. Furthermore it’s a March wedding, the monsoon rains are gone, and we have windy mornings (boy was it windy!). I wanted to incorporate a beach, the waves and beautiful sky into the most important day in my life.

To tell u the truth, it really wasn’t that hard. Everything remains the same as a normal wedding you generally experience in a hall, but just…on a beach. So the concept really is a Malay wedding concept, bringing us back to those days when remember how we used to have weddings outside?

Parking was plenty, as my wedding was at 8am in the morning!

Yes 8am!!! I had to wake up at 430am that day to do lulur, mandi bunga and all that, and then do makeup at home, and by 7am was already at the venue, where my hairdresser was waiting to do my hair.

My eyes was so watery and very difficult to draw on my eyeliner and put on fake lashes. Haha!

Here are some early morning shots of the beautiful venue! Imagine it with some Bebel Gilberto Samba playing in the background. Put the playlist myself so if you were there that was all my FAVOURITE love songs ever.

It was such a beautiful day!

Meanwhile I was in the main building getting ready and having laughs with friends who came to visit and have breakfast!

Here’s my konon Elie Saab lookalike.

Back at the venue, guests were already starting to trickle in. (I know cause I get to see all these photos on the Wedding Party app)

The Reception Table:

Here is where you “sign in”

And receive doorgifts:

Then it was time for me to walk down the aisle! With Yuna’s Terukir di Bintang playing in the background.

Then I walked first and GD did Pusing Naga, Memecah Buluh and did the forehead thing again. Haha.

Then it was Majlis Berbasuh Kaki

Then people eat and then we sat and took photos?

And finally personally said goodbye to everyone who took the time to come. <3

So from the bottom of my heart thank you so much for coming to my wedding and most importantly thank you so much for uploading all these beautiful photos to the Wedding Party app so I write this blog post!

Blue Paddle Fans


We actually made a decision to DIY our doorgifts cause it’s just so nice and thoughtful.

Furthermore I don’t know how many mugs and memorabilia we have at home unused and those we got from weddings. Many end up being redundant and useless.

For us, we thought, beach has panas potential so these paddle fans will help! At least they will be used once.

We started making these in December 2012. And it’s always a laugh. Hee. So DIYing doorgifts are something I highly recommend. :)

Ponderings on My Room


I am going to spring clean both my rooms today!!!

May do a garage sale. Or a bonfire.


I totally love the date today 3113 hee.

Anyway, yesterday someone came to my house to measure my windows. Yeay!

Why? Because I’m getting new drapes. Haha. Also thinking of getting new light fixture cause the current one is super cannot see anything one. So dim!

Hmm, my dad promises to renovate my en suite toilet soon.

Also, should I get new bedsheets? Hmm.

Can I afford it?

Don’t want to do too many things to this room. It may get expensive.

New Year Morning: Countdown


Hello again! Today I felt the reality of the wedding come to life haha (emo). It’s cause I just downloaded a countdown app called well, Countdown+. Yes no surprises on what it does haha.


60 days left!!!


Yesterday Boi paid for my wedding ring in full. And we decided on an engraving.

Reads “Maurina & Hazidiee 1313” but if that is too long then just “M&H 1313”. Hee.

Funny story about the ring.

I first saw the ring last April 2012 (it was the first thing on our list) in Twinkles. Funny I’ve always liked diamonds (girl’s bestfriend) and in my head I’ve always thought I’d get a decent yet not enormous princess cut diamond ring. Now here we were shopping for a ring and yet I didn’t want one.

What I instantly fell in love with was a beautiful heart shaped aquamarine ring, surrounded with teeny tiny diamonds.


I know right! Blue is never my colour. Turquoise is my favourite stone but well it’s very out of character for me to choose aquamarine over diamonds.

But yes, that is what happened. When planning a wedding u discover many things about urself. When something feels right, it just does.

Upon further research:

– Aquamarine is my birthstone (and wedding is in march)
– It symbolises neverending love
– Of course, our wedding is on a beach

This is why blue is the theme of the wedding. :)

Anyway, yes its fortunate that aquamarine rings are less pricey than diamond rings but it did still burn a big hole in Boi’s pocket haha.

So here is something that you may not know about jewellery stores (I certainly didn’t know anyway):

They accept partial payments! So you can pay say $500 in the beginning to secure the item and pay the remainder monthly or when the time comes nearer.

Of course they don’t release the item until u pay in full but for me, who had more or less a year to plan the wedding this made arrangements easier! It is better than a bulk payment that’s for sure.

By the way I totally looooove the ladies at Twinkles Jewellery in Kiulap. They are so nice and lovely. I totally recommend u to think about them when you consider your matrimonial ring. Hee.

So thats the story of my ring. :)

Looked for a diamond and found a precious aquamarine ring instead. Love!

Wedding on a Budget

This I did obsessive research on!


Ok so I decided early on that I dont want to be taking out a personal loan to pay off a wedding. Maybe for me, taking out a loan simply means I am spending beyond what I can afford.

No offense of course to brides and grooms who did take out a loan. To each their own. We all take calculated risks to reach our dreams but I am saying that, you always have a choice. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO.

Warning: Nerd Stuff ahead.

I tabulated all the expected wedding expenses. This required me to really talk to Boi. BOY DID WE TALK. How much are we willing to spend on flowers? Ring? Doorgifts? We discussed EVERYTHING! And then I thought we had it all figured out and rounded off to a final figure.

Then I spoke more with a friend at work, F, who jussst did her wedding. MATI. I left out sooo many things! There are little things such as: bouquet for flower girls? Sedekah tuk kadi? Guest book? Sound system?

Then she shared with me her budget table (best thing I’ve ever received) and so I created one that is based on that.

I also thought about stuff that I do not need vendors to do for me such as flowers, makeup, doorgifts, decorations and jewellery. I did that myself and saved myself a lot of money.

Finally I came up with a final figure.

Once I know the final figure everything is easy! I put myself on a strict savings plan immediately. Less splurging, less wasting, less eating out. :)

The table helped me stay on track and helped me see what items I haven’t done, what items I still need to do.

I update it religiously! So should you. Keep referring back when in doubt and keep asking yourself are u within budget?

Something that also helped was sharing the table with my family. I was upfront and clear of what I can and cannot afford, especially with the small guest list. This is something very important.

Brides to be: in honour of my friend F who helped me by sharing with me her budget table, I hereby attach with this post my own table for your download.

I sincerely hope it helped you as much as it helped me!