Miss Maurina


How flattering!

Because of that, I will give you nine hundred and sixty four stars.

As if I am going to publish private personal details about myself. I have FRIENDSTER you know!

And for that you must buy me a chocolate bar.

Scoot now.

If you are still hopelessly reading this in hopes of getting to know me better, you might as well just email me!

UPDATE: Eversince the first time I made this page, people have owed me an average of 5 chocolate bars. Nyahaha. However, since you are actually STILL on this page, let me refer you to this post of mine. Or perhaps this post of Miss Emma Good Egg. I hope you, by now have a clear idea, of what kind of person I am.

70 thoughts on “Miss Maurina

  1. hey babe.. the more i read, the more addicted i am to ur blog.. ur quirky view of life seriously brightens up
    my office days! keep on blogging!! my boss and i love ur writings!!

  2. Awesome Blog…gives me faith that there are still females in brunei who aint all materialistic, social standing
    hungry whores and actually use their god given intellect for purposes outside finding a rich handsome boyfriend
    so as to have a nice comfy life…i dont usually read blogs but i was bored, came across urs and loved it…
    keep up the good work

  3. Either my mind had been polluted by Western TV or that question sounds a bit dirty. LOL. I insist on chocolate! Unless
    it is really good ice cream? On a cone?

  4. Hey, I thought I saw your profile at friendster. Thus, you owe me a chocolate bar because, at first,
    i didnt know you at all. (kes nada kraja) Now, i know (sikit2 sja.hehe.). Never mind. BTW, about
    this blog of yours…i was just curious.. Is it really worth that much??=$31,049.70 (whoa!) BTW,
    im from FBEPS (open-minded not hypocrite) and I came across your blog regarding the ‘election’
    thingy. I agreed that the mass campaign was inappropriate for our small faculty. (au belabih2an!)
    Finally.., i have to admit that this blog ROCKS! I luv it. Im sorry if i’ve used too much space to
    write this comment. Maaf Zahir dan Batin ya. Adios~

  5. Haha hello the open-minded Angra. Yes, Technorati seems to think my blog is worth that much,
    which is something I won’t be complaining about! Good for the ego you see. ;) Advertise tia,
    manatau ada orang mau beli. Hehehehe.

    Belabih=kecil2 cili padi. ;) Jangan saja after this, nada papa impact.

    Another thing is, space is unlimited. Write whatever you want!

  6. Waahh… perasan jua ko?… who r u to give rude comments like dat n offend other ppl.
    A lot of ppl in ubd knw u nw. congratulations. 1 of ur hopeless dreams actually came true.
    talk about jealousy at its most. U knw. a lot of ppl actually think ur a geen-eyed bimbo.
    mayb its true. having a blog to splur out ur ridiculous comments on d web. dat spells out.
    jealous bimbo! u even talk lyk a blonde f u notice. Get green contact lenses and dye ur hair yellow.
    change ur appearance to suit your personality. or mayb you already done it. we barely see u
    around. Oooops. your not as famous as u think you are!

  7. ADA MASEH rupanya ni emosi. Don’t tell me. Orang FBEPS ni eh. Hahahaha. You guys are notorious for hatemail. Huhu.

    who r u to give rude comments like dat n offend other ppl—> the owner of this blog? hehe nada bah, the comment goes
    the same to u babe! Anyway, get over it cause election is O.V.E.R.

    Plus I’m not the one leaving comments on people’s blogs at 2am.

  8. damn man…ur in need of a chill-pill..or maybe a bottle…go to ur nearest pharmacy and remember to ask for chill-pills…chill-pills!!!!!=p no offense ah…

  9. hello qamarina, :) i’m still waiting for clearance from your principal. as soon as she/he gives me the green light, your teacher will hand over the video to me and it will be up. if you still have any questions, do not hesitate to click on the “contact me” tab or email me at maurina@gmail.com.

  10. Pity about that self-censoring of yours. I understand about narky comments from readers; it will be some time yet when we mature as a society. My machamster, Novel’a” Sex, Lies and Webcams, will enter a new era (possibly tonight) when it gets it own domain (though still powered by WordPress blogging technology).

    WordPress is not as versatile as your own web builder but it suffices for many of us, and the templates, I simply love them. For minimalists, like us, they are great!


  11. Wahaiii! cant resist telling. mchamster.wordpress.com is now gone.though that little bugger now its own domain
    more importantly… well that is another story for another time

  12. What is all this thingy about choclates? Anyway, thanks for the tip on Friendster. Did not know where to book mark it, so slotted it under ‘shopping’.
    Added you to my network and sorry, I don’t give away chocy bars. Usually, my daughter gobbled them up, before anything else :-)


  13. Hi Maurina!

    i’m a fren of ur sis M****. i jez Loovee reading ur blog hehe… kalau nada update mesti ku keboringan :p

    keep on blogging ah please! :)

  14. Hi. i read ur blog when im bored and masa inda dapat tidur and masa tunggu boipren yang betabiat. Anyway.. Maw is the BOMB. we TESLians adore you with your cali, intelligent writing and cute outfit. Maw is a purrfect example of a beauty with brains. Keep it Maw-ing.

  15. Hi Daph, soory had to edit your comment out hehehe. That information is still under “classified” hahahah!

    Anyway, I HAD FUN WITH YOU AS WELL! Hope to meet again, missed you at the last get together.

    Take care as well Little Hands!

  16. Oh yea… was really tired after a long day… hopefully, I get to go for the next one!

    Everyone’s been such a great sport!

    Do you know when we’ll know our results?

  17. Absolutely NO idea! But I heard we’ll know one by one over the next few days, as opposed to mass texts within one day.

    Crazy suspense or what?????

    Good luck!

  18. hello! i was trying to find really interesting Asian blogs and i’m glad i saw urs (blog of course! heheee).
    i like the contents, engaging, casual, the posts flow naturally as if u urself is infront of me relating ur stories…

  19. Your Greatness, I’m glad you loved the Soran! It’s also one of my favorite Japanese dances because it hs so much energy and spirit in it. The event venue and date has yet to be confirmed by Bersatu, but when its confirmed, I’d be sure to email you all the details alright. :)

  20. salam… hehe nak tanya gambar boraq tu. gambar tu milik peribadi awak ke.. ada tak rasa nak jual..itu gambar buraq yang asli kan

  21. hello. i come from in VietNam where you get by in 2008 and stay here, i want to communicate with ADZ, he had stayed in my house but now i lost his infomation, can u give him a message from me, my yahoo quanplayer@yahoo.com, thanks a lot.

  22. Hi there, i just drop by on your blog.. your writing is funny and most of all its interesting i love reading your INDIA trip.. mcm siuk u guys d sana… but anywhr… nice reading your blog.. cheers

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