How it all began?

So one of the questions people ask me when I first revealed that I’m getting married (still feel weird saying that) was the following:

How did it happen?
Well I’m not really sure. But I did remember that it was sometime in April 2012 and we picked a date 1 year from then so we could have some time to prepare.

One thing we were adamant on doing was to organise:

1. A small ceremony
2. In a unique and unconventional venue
3. Shared with dearest and closest

We decided to invite 800 guests, of which 400 are from my side and 400 from his.

We picked an awesome venue! It came to me suddenly. I said we should have a beach wedding, and Boi said, “tapi cemana amenities nya?” And we thought about beaches that are near restaurants and I thought, TARINDAK D’BEACH!!!

The next day, I emailed them and instantly got a quote for 800 guests for breakfast. Booked immediately after negotiations with menu! I LOVE THEM!

(Ok I am in love with vendors that are accessible online and are responsive immediately. I urge all wedding vendors to create an online presence!)

And yes, we did breakfast! It’s damn early cause our function start at 8am, meaning everything needs to be ready by 7am but it is CHEAPER than a full blown lunch or dinner and we get to enjoy the sea breeze.

Yea that’s the plan! My next step was budget! I AM OBSESSED ABOUT IT. Talk about that next post. Bye!

Something Blue

Dont know if you follow my Pinterest but if you do you may know that today I become a wife.

Boipren is officially husband.


Ok so I can now finally publish blogposts about my wedding and wedding preparations which I have been DYING TO BLOG ABOUT!

Haha it’s to maintain some element of surprise la. So, surprise!

Maurina’s Wedding Planning series is divided into a few posts and I’ve scheduled them to be published every few hours over next few days. ;)


I love WordPress!

Checking out this new update on the WordPress app for iOS.


I am in love and I’m posting this from my phone!!!

Thank you WordPress!!! I think I’d be blogging more now. LOVES!!!

Oh btw I’ve stopped that whole crossposting from Instagram to blog to Twitter, so distracting! So it’s gone now haha.

BTW happy holidays!!!! Enjoy the snow!!!


And oh congratulations and best wishes to travel partner Nonnie!!! All grown up and MARRIED! 😍